Our new Boy!!

Our new Boy!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Where have all the babies gone?

Except for Stasik, we haven't seen many babies or children which is so surprising. Do they all keep them at home? I can count on one hand the number of infants I have seen. That probably accounts for the many stares we get when we take Stasik out. In restaurants, there are no high chairs or booster seats to be found. No changing tables in public restrooms. No baby food, diapers or baby lotions in the local markets. Baby food is found at some pharmacies and, even then, the quantity is so limited (about 12 jars total).

I have seen about a dozen or so young children age 5 or so. But still, that is not many for the largest city in the Ukraine. We did see a field trip of middle/High school kids at a local theatre. The lack of adult supervision and their behavior was surprising to us. To say the least, being in a place with a different culture is interesting.

Stasik continues to do well. I am finally feeling useful today. Debbie had to go to the first Embassy appointment and she needed me to watch Stasik. I'm writing this while she is gone and while most of you reading this blog are sound asleep. Hopefully, I will have nothing but good news to report by the time you all wake. We are still very nervous that something will go wrong that will prohibit us leaving on Thursday. There are still so many tiny things that could go wrong. Prayers are really welcome at this point!

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