Our new Boy!!

Our new Boy!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Crocodile tears

Stasik is a good baby. Generally happy. He will go to sleep on his own, be happy when he is lying on the floor with toys and doesn't even cry when he occasionally rolls over and hits his head on the floor. When that happens Debbie or I rush to comfort him and he just looks at us as if we are crazy... As if to say "I am perfectly fine".

The crocodile tears and heart wrenching sobs come at feeding time. Stasik appears to believe he may never get food again. Debbie can only feed him small abouts, about 3 ounces of food and 2 ounces of water/juice every couple of hours. We have also learned, based on his current throwing up, that the juice/water cannot be given at the same time as the food but must be given about an hour later. Figuring out how to feed him so food stays down is very much trial and error. During the feeding, he is very vocal... letting us know that he is anxious and excited about every single drop that goes into his mouth. On the first day, we noticed that he would start sobbing when Debbie wiped his mouth at the end of feeding. We assume that he associates the act of wiping the mouth as the sign that the meal is over. We assume something similar was done in the orphanage. By day 3, he has come to learn that the empty baby food jar, or the simple act of putting the lid on the still full jar, is an indication that the meal is over...that is when the tears start. To calm him, he has to be moved completely away from the table and his tears and verbal complaints continue for several minutes.

We wish we could feed him more and satisfy the terrible hunger that he seems to have but Debbie has read the research and know that this is not possible. Food will have to be introduced slowly so his body can learn how to process it. Also, there is uncertainty as to why he had gastric surgery and how to help with the recovery from that surgery. Answers will no doubt come once U.S. doctors can thoroughly examine him. Until then, Debbie continues to do the best possible.on a positive note, I do think his color is improving over these few short days. He is very alert and happy 99% of the time. He is reaching for toys and crawling around on his belly.

As for us, we are well. Our apartment is next to a French bakery and a small market. I was able to make toast and eggs for breakfast. We have pasta fixings for dinner. Still hoping to get a better timeline of when we can leave on Saturday. Until then, we are waiting...

in Kiev.


  1. Just knowing he is there with you brings tears to my eyes. I have no words.

  2. Braeden is learning that parents are useless as they will not fulfill even his most basic of needs -- these weirdos who speak a language he cannot understand are just as awful as the orphanage he came from! Maybe his little body will always remember how hungry he is in your company!! Or may've it's the tad fasd that would've done that to him anyways!!

  3. so happy you are so close to getting home!!!
    you are doing what is best for him and that is what matters!

  4. So sorry to see that Batya has found you, too. If you google her "name" (which I am sure is just a made up name) you will see that she is traveling blog world stirring up trouble. So sad.