Our new Boy!!

Our new Boy!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still Nothing

After repeated attempts to contact and speed up the USCIS office, it appears it will be to no avail today. We are working closely with our Congressman and hoping his office can get something done, but I am not sure. Still hoping that we can hear something in the next few days and try to make our Winter cutoff. We sure do not want our beloved Braeden to have to stay in his orphanage any longer than he has to.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wingfield's

Jared, Debbie, and Carter Wingfield

We are the Wingfield's and we are adopting Braeden. This is our first post, but it is not from a lack of activity. Since the day we laid eyes on him we knew that he was meant to be in our family. From the moment we started the process of adoption it has been a labor of love. We heard all these stories about the grueling process of meeting deadlines and the insurmountable piles of paperwork, but we just found ourselves just chipping away at it and smiling everytime a document was done. After all of the legal papers, notaries, and then notaries on notaries we find ourselves with just one little paper left to finish and at the mercy of the USCIS. We call everyday and hope that someone is in charge of our case and that it is moving forward. We worked so hard to get to this point and so many people helped us along the way that we find it hard to just sit and wait now. We so desperately want to make the deadlines so that Braeden can come home to us. Please pray for us and Braeden that God will comfort him. I will continue to post and let all of our friends and family know when we see any progress.