Our new Boy!!

Our new Boy!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Green Beans anyone?

Today Stasik tried green beans. We were a bit nervous. All that green would not look good on any of us. Our fears were for naught. Stasik kept it down for the most part. Score one for our team.

Stasik really loves riding in his baby pouch. I think he likes to be held close. His snow suit is a different story. He really doesn't complain about it but when we put him in it, he just lies there. He looks like the Pillsbury dough boy! But, it is a must if he is going to go outside. It was a very nice day today when we began our journey around the city but at one point it suddenly became really cold. We learned that you always have extra layers and you always know where the closest underground entrance is.

Kiev has the most amazing underground, and I don't mean subways. These underground areas are a maze of shops, food stalls, a restaurant here and there, a bank, and anything else you might need. Our problem has been that we easily get lost in this underground maze. Surely there is a map of the system but so far we haven't found it. Every once in a while, we need to pop up to the surface to get our bearings and we have been known to backtrack. It is such an amazing system. I'm sure it makes living through a Ukranian winter bearable.

We are winding down our Sunday night. One more day of nothing to do and then finally we get to start the remainder of this process on Tuesday with Embassy and clinic visits. We cannot wait!

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