Our new Boy!!

Our new Boy!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Things I will never take for granted again

Traveling in a foreign country causes me to realize the many things I take for granted. Here is my list of just a few:

1. Water out of the tap
2. Large washing machines
3. Washing mashines that actually spin out ALL the water out
4. Clothes dryers
5. Coffee makers
6. Cork screws and bottle openers (surely they are somewhere in this Country but we can't find them)
7. Fitted sheets
8. Toilet paper that couldn't be used to print the newspaper on
9. Not having to put on 5 layers of clothes to go outside
10. Knowing that you can get medical care for your child no matter what their pathology and being able to keep your child no matter what their pathology
11. Elevators
12. Towels
13. Trash cans
14. Television with programming in a language I speak
15. Internet connection - we'd be crazy without it
16. Fragrance free baby lotions
17. Bags at grocery stores - Austin leaders need to live two weeks in Kiev before they vote to ban all bags!
18. Fax machines and e-faxing for government documents instead of driving to the government offices all around the country
19. Food that is not past it's expiration date.

And the #1 thing I will never take for granted.... My family and friends. Thanks to everyone who is supporting Debbie, Jared, Stasik and Carter through this entire process and me during the time I've been here. I think I can speak for them and say we thank you all for the love, support and prayers. We will be home in 4 days (Texas time - 3 1/2 days for us) ... but who's counting?

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  1. lol Tina, it sounds like you could write an entire article about "What to take with you when traveling to Eastern Europe" for all the RR families!
    So glad to hear you all will be back HOME in just a FEW DAYS. :D