Our new Boy!!

Our new Boy!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

T minus one day!!!

Today we went to the SDA (DAP) office and received our referral papers. Tomorrow we get to go to Vlad's region. It is not real far away, but still it can not be soon enough. It is very strange to think that by the time most of you reading this wake up tomorrow, we will have held our new son. We really have no expectations, just the excitement of finally getting to meet him and bring him to a better life.

We have learned a lot during our stay in Kiev. I have learned a little bit of Russian which it seems I cant use. If I say "Ya ne guvary'u pa rooskee it is supposed to mean I do not speak Russian. I am starting to believe it means please walk away and do not come back. It seems no one wants to help you if you are not a native speaker. So I tried the other plan which is to walk into a store and say, pree-ve't, preyatna paznakomitsu, which means Hi, how are you. They then proceed to talk so fast that I have this look like Bambi on opening day. I then proceed to use English as a defense mechanism and....same result. They walk away and do not come back. We have also learned that Debbie bought "cold gear", but should have purchased "colder gear". When the wind picks up it is very frigid, especially for us Texans. We hope that Vlad will enjoy a warmer climate with a lot more humidity. We know our way around pretty well now and try to reach out a little further each day. Tomorrow, though, will be a brand new city and a brand new adventure. One that we have been looking forward to for many, many months

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  1. Your pictures bring back fond memories of Kiev. I hope your first visit with your new son goes well. How exciting!
    Joy McClain