Our new Boy!!

Our new Boy!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Milky Day!!

Today was probably the coldest day we have experienced since we have been here. The orphanage is an older building and is very drafty. It seemed that no matter where we went in the building it was cold. Our playroom seemed exceptionally frosty! Stasik's hands were uncovered and we had to try to keep them warm most of the afternoon.
We spent the first 30 minutes of the day doing some fun PT exercises, but Stas struggled physically. He seemed to have another one of those tired days and we wondered again if he may be getting sick. He has been congested for 3 days now, but it all seems to be in his upper-respiratory area so we have not worried too much about it. Today, though, it sounded much worse. He did not have any fever, so we are hoping it will not get worse and lead to something more serious. The doctor came in again today to check on him. I believe now that maybe these visits we have had the last few days are to make sure he is doing ok. The doctor feels his head and hands, I think to check for increased temperature. These visits started the same day his congestion did.
Today was our second day to give him a 2 oz. bottle of Similac. Yesterday went well and he was able to keep most of it down. I wonder if he threw some up later, though, because today I am not sure they even fed him at lunch. He showed no signs of reflux like he normally does and there was not the sweet smell of potato and onions on his breath like there usually is. Once again, we became concerned that we had a miscommunication. Maybe they thought we would feed him at lunch? The Similac is to enhance his calorie intake, not replace it. We will probably have to talk to them again. We thought it best to give him the bottle earlier today since he seemed really hungry. When we pulled it out of the bag he looked like a baby bird getting fed in a nest. His neck was stretched toward the bottle and we could not get it into his mouth soon enough. He finished the bottle quickly and it was obvious he wanted more. It was like he was starving! Maybe he was. We hope that they do not begin to feed him less since he is being adopted; shifting resources to other kids. If so, we will have do whatever we can by whatever means necessary to keep him fed 3-6 times a day; probably closer to 3.
After the bottle we decided to also give him a teething cookie. These are not high in calories, but it is all we had and he was still so hungry. He struggles to chew anything that is not mashed or pureed, and it gave him a difficult time at first. After it softened up, though, he enjoyed it. We tried to get him to feed himself today and made a bit of progress. At first he would not hold the food in his hand at all. If it was not in my fingers, he did not know what to do. By the end of the day he would hold the food in between his index finger and thumb and would put it in his mouth when prompted. He almost took off his own fingers as well as mine a couple of times because he just wants to eat so quickly. I think they feed him hurriedly and he gets what he can in a short amount of time. It is obvious he did not get much to eat before we got there and that is definitely the opposite direction that we are trying to go.
After finishing the teething cookie, he just sat in our lap and talked. He moved around betwen us and we began to think that he might at least keep these calories consumed. Boy were we wrong! The milk and cookie suddenly launched like mount vesuvius all over Mama's black sweater. It was not a lot of food, but it came out like a can of spray-on texture, and Debbie's sweater made quite the canvas. For the most part he kept the rest of it down and we are glad, but we are going to have to make sure it is not all the food he is getting in the afternoon.
After the milky projectile frenzy, Stasik just talked some more and once again fell asleep in our arms. We still have many concerns that we will work out, but overall another great day!

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